Book Reveiw: Once Upon a Dream


Title: Once Upon A Dream: A Twisted Tale
Author(s): Liz Braswell
Genre: Fantasy
Series: A Twisted Tale (Book 2 of 3)
Theme(s): Leadership
Main Characters: Princess Aurora, Maleficent, Prince Phillip
Pages: 448 (Hardcover)
Published: 2016

Short Summary:
In the common tale of Sleeping Beauty, the princess Aurora is awakened from Maleficent’s sleeping curse by true love’s kiss. However, in Liz Braswell’s “twisted tale” of Sleeping Beauty, instead of Phillip waking Aurora, he immediately joins her in her slumber as soon as his lips meet hers- a secret catch to Maleficent’s curse. He is whisked away to the dream world where Aurora has been living since the day she fell asleep. The catch? She doesn’t know it’s only a dream.
Aurora’s entire life in the real world does not exist in her own mind. In her mind, she has spent her entire uneventful life under the protection of her aunt Maleficent. She truly believes that her parents have done nothing but abandon her and lie to her and that is why they are locked up in Maleficent’s dungeon. However, one day, Aurora begins to realize that she can make things happen just by wishing them true. She begins asking her aunt numerous questions but receives no satisfactory answers. After eventually realizing Maleficent’s secret, she manages to escape from the castle where she meets Prince Phillip who assists her in saving both herself and her kingdom from Maleficent’s rule- something only she can do.

My Opinion:
Personally, I am in love with this book. Growing up I was not a fan of the Sleeping Beauty story because of how little Aurora did in her own story. But in Braswell’s re-telling, she has done an incredible job of creating an entirely new story by only changing only one piece of the original story. Phillip still slays the dragon and he still kisses Aurora. But she doesn’t wake. He falls asleep. I am thoroughly impressed by the story that Braswell has written. It puts a completely different twist on an otherwise rather boring tale. This book serves as an example of how there are more ways to a happy ending than the one we often see as young children. I am very excited to try the other books in this series, A Whole New World (Aladdin) and Tale as Old as Time (Beauty and the Beast). I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a bit of an adjustment to the original tale- especially if you, like me, were always disappointed by the original Sleeping Beauty.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars



Header Image Credit: elizabethmod / Book Image Credit: Goodreads / Rating Image Credit: elizabethmod

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