LUSH Valentine’s Day Reivew

Hello! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last month, my most popular post was a LUSH review in which I reviewed three bath products that I had tried (click here in case you missed it!!) Today I’ll be reviewing two more LUSH bath products. Both of them are bubble bars from LUSH’s Valentine’s Day collection- the Ladybug Bubble Bar and the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar.

Ladybug Bubble Bar06613
The Ladybug Bubble Bar looks just like what you would expect- a red ladybug with purple spots. According to the LUSH site, the bar had a fruity and minty smell. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t completely sold on the fruit/mint combination. What I will say is that this bar created an enormous amount of bubbles and turned the water red!! I was completely surprised when this bubble bar made my bathwater a reddish-pink as I had never had one do that before. I have had sparkly baths from bubble bars and I have had colored baths from bath bombs, but this was my first bubble bar to turn the water different colors!

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar05074
The Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar is a sparkly pink, orange, and blue horn-shaped bubble bar – the definition of happiness. When I first opened the bag, I immediately noticed the sweet scent of lavender. It broke easily so I did not have to use the entire bar in one bath (and I didn’t need to break it with a knife), however, I did need to use a big portion of the bar to make a lot of bubbles. It added a pale blue tone to the water and had a sweet sugary scent throughout the bath. I was surprised how sparkly it was, though. After I got out of the bath there were sparkles all over my skin and in the bottom of the bath which was very different from the Sunnyside Bubble Bar that I talked about in my first review. However, I did find this bar to be really very fresh and happy and would recommend trying it for yourself.


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