DIY Self-Care Box

Hello!! I hope you’re having a wonderful start to your week. Since I have been posting about anxiety recently, I thought that I would share a DIY that can really help make someone feel better. Something that I have recently created for myself is a Self-Care Tray. I would highly recommend this for anyone (anxiety or not). They are super easy, useful, and fun to make (only TWO simple steps)! Below, I have included the items that I put in mine, however, you should feel free to put in whatever makes you happiest!

Step 1: Find something to put all of your chosen items in. This could be pretty much any container you’d like (i.e. box, tray, basket). I chose to use a light blue tray that I bought from Target. It was only $3 and I thought it looked very bright and happy- perfect for this DIY.

Step 2: Select the items you want to put in your box. These can be anything that you like and anything that makes you happy. I chose to put in a sweet-smelling candle, peppermint body lotion, two new books, some delicious peanut butter and chocolate trail mix, a notebook, and some colorful markers. All of these items can put a smile on my face and I love using them. However, these are just my items. Yours might be very different. Below, I have included a list of example items that you could include in your own box.

  • candle
  • notebook
  • markers
  • stress ball
  • book
  • tea
  • coloring book
  • photographs
  • lotion
  • chocolate
  • lip balm
  • favorite food
  • things from friends

I really hope that you enjoyed this DIY and find it super useful. I have been keeping my tray on the table next to my bed so that I can easily grab anything I want. I would encourage you to share this idea with any of your friends and family. It is super easy to make and it can be super fun. Be sure to let me know what you put in your boxes! Enjoy!


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