March Lettering Challenge


Happy April, everyone! During the month of March, I decided to participate in a lettering challenge. I only recently started getting interested in lettering so I was very nervous at first, however, I ended up choosing this prompt from @jennyhighsmith on Instagram. I realized two weeks in that I was using her prompt for March 2016, however, I really liked the quotes in it so I kept going with it!

Before I started this challenge, I was really nervous about my skills and showing them to people because I didn’t feel that they were very good or that I would be able to learn them like other people had. I was also very unsure as to what sort of fonts I should use, how to mix things up, and even what types of utensils I should be using. I watched several videos from Untamed Little Wolf on YouTube. She just recently finished a 100 Day Lettering Challenge. She uploaded them in groups of ten on her channel and I would highly suggest that you watch them! They are absolutely amazing and she also used stamps, paint, and stickers to make each page even more creative. After watching these videos, however, I found myself fretting about how mine would turn out and if I would like them or not.

However, I am really happy that I tried this. I found that I have improved my skills a lot and I even ended up liking a bunch of the quotes that I completed. I think that this challenge also contributed to how well my month went. Every time I completed another day, I felt a surge of satisfaction and pride. This challenge was so much fun! I hope this inspires you all to go and try to learn something new.

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