Anxiety Series: Everyday Life (pt 4)

Hello, lovelies! It’s me, back again with another part of the Anxiety Series. This post is about dealing with your anxiety during your everyday life. I know that this is something that can be really scary for lots of people, however, I want you to know that it can also be something that is very manageable. We tend to feel that the world expects us to go on like nothing ever happened. The truth is, though, that something did happen and it made you worried, upset, angry, frightened, anxious, nervous, or confused. Some of us have a harder time of moving on than others do. If you’re reading this, chances are pretty good that you’re one of the people who struggles to move on. Fortunately, I have a few tips that could make a big difference.

**Please note that these are not in any specific order, nor have any of them been sponsored.**
  1. Meditation – Although this is something that takes lots of practice, I have seen it help me with my anxiety. I would recommend using the app Headspace for meditation. Headspace offers a variety of meditations for free, although you can pay to get dozens more guided meditations. The thing that I loved most about headspace was that it encouraged me to let thoughts flow through my brain instead of stressing about preventing them. Headspace meditations remind you that it’s completely normal to have bad days, but you should try and see the positive.
  2. Sleep – While this may seem obvious, a good night’s sleep is something that can be hard to come by if you are having serious struggles with anxiety. For example, I have found that it takes alot of rest to get me through the day. Even sleeping seven to eight hours a night isn’t enough by the time I get to Friday. Try to sleep in whenever possible, take naps, or go to bed earlier at night.
  3. Workout – Exercise can be a great stress reliever. For me, working out can make the biggest difference in my stress levels. It allows my body to release any excess energy and helps my brain focus on the tasks I have at hand instead of other things that happened during the day or other things that stress me out. After working out, a shower can also help me to clear my mind.
  4. Bullet Journaling – For some people, drawing or coloring can be very relaxing and it’s actually become something that therapists recommend for adults. However, I have found it difficult to set aside the time to do things like this, causing me to turn to bullet journaling. Using a bullet journal has allowed me to organize my life in a fun way while also allowing me to relax and be creative. For me, this really is the best of both worlds.
  5. Trackers – Since I started bullet journaling, I have also started to track my mood, water intake, and sleep. Although I have not been able to track much so far, I hope that it can help me notice patterns between my schedule, sleep, and/or mood. These are super easy trackers to have, especially if you are into bullet journaling. They only take a minute to set up and don’t require much upkeep.
  6. Spring Cleaning! – Since summer is coming (and spring is almost over), it’s the perfect time for a spring cleaning. This can really help you organize your life and feel more confident and clearheaded. I know that if my workspaces aren’t clean, my head can feel really cloudy and it can be difficult for me to think. If this is something that happens for you, take the afternoon to clean up your spaces. I promise it makes a big difference!
  7. Take a Break – It’s okay to have bad days. It’s also okay to say no to things for a weekend and just take a few days for yourself. There’s no need to overstretch yourself and stress out. Instead, I would recommend trying to practice some self-care and get some well-deserved rest. If you are in need of ideas for self-care, feel free to check out my other post 33 Self-Care Ideas.
  8. Combat your Triggers – When I say this, I don’t mean stress yourself out and panic uncontrollably. By this, I mean that you should slowly work on expanding your comfort zone. If you don’t like being in loud groups of people, start slowly by hanging out with one or two close friends. Maybe next time you can hang out in a public place. The time after that you might be able to hang out with a bigger group. Be careful not to push yourself too much, though. There’s no point in overstressing.
  9. Embrace Yourself – This may sound silly, but be sure to embrace who you are and be proud of that. For example, if you happen to be getting ready one day and you think you look really good, flaunt it! If you find something new that you’re super into, go for it! There’s no need to hold back for fear of something not going right or someone not agreeing with you. You should be proud of who you are.

I hope that this gave you some helpful hints. If you have any more tips, please leave them below. Also, if you have any more ideas for this Anxiety Series, please send me a message or leave a comment. Thank you so much for reading!

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